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Ugh....I'm not creating myself a very good reputation here workin da page. ;) I said I'd get those ToP match shots up yesterday however things change and I didn't get to it. I can't do it now either as I can barely see straight, though I just can't leave the page without a post b4 I exit for a week. I got pulled into a roadtrip today, which resulted in me getting 40 minutes of sleep in 40 hours. I insist on catching up on that right now after I make this post. In quick news, the X-Squad challenged Clan Brutality Leaders for #1 spot in 2 vs 2. These guys are also from NEA, though they were excessively understanding with me and my pressing schedule and the match that was supposed to be played tonight has been put off until an undisclosed later date, when I can find some time to play. =) Thx guys...appreciate it. Alrighty, I'm heading to bed b4 I fall over. Peace all.

- E|<+e|o/\/



Wow......7 days since I last updated. Really sorry about that but I had exams this week and things really got hectic. Oh well....all things come to an end and finals are over. Woohoo! I've got about 3 days to do nothing but party before I head back home. When that happens expect to see about a 7-10 day lapse in news as I move everything to my computer at home (once I build it ;) ). Then there should be some crescent fresh news updates about every other day! Exciting ain't it? All's well. Now, before I get into the recent news and goodies, I just wanted to mention that p1mp ass movie out called The Matrix. If you haven't seen this mofo yet go right now. It as got to be one of the damned coolest movies ever made. Unbelievable special effects and probably the most original storyline to hit the big screen in a LONG time. Excellent time, I must say.

Alrighty, on to matches and other various tidbits. First is our match against ToP, which was finally played and we got smacked around pretty bad. I would have liked to won (a bit more than other matches) but that glass ceiling we've hit for not practicing really showed off in tat match, where we lost with a (combined 2-game) score of 1-20. Yeah...pathetic ain't it? Well we're working towards rectifying these little mishaps as you read this, so next time those scores will be a bit closer. ;) I don't have the time right now to post the screenshots but I'll get them up sometime tomorrow.

Now, even though this all happened between my posts, the X-Squad had a match against Pray for a Quick Death (PQD, subsidiary of NEA). Okay...for the record, I am a VERY easy going guy. I rarely lose my cool or get itrritated by players when it comes to servers, or other various anomalies in the game. I take it all in stride, and tell myself not to say anything because I could be the one with the problem next time. There comes a time that everyone gets sick of it and thhis match spelled that out perfectly for me. I have a lot of respect for NEA as a team, but whoever the two guys were in PQD were the two biggest whiners I have ever seen in my history of playing the game. They bitched about every little problem with their connection and even at one point (before the match) said that it didn't matter because "we're going to kick your ass anyways". Not very sportsmanlike if you ask me. Well to end this little rave I've got going here, we schooled them, finishing with a (combined 2-game) score of 18-0 (total points were 598-3). Great game X-Squad. For my sanity I hope we never have to play those guys again, though a couple bad grapes don't ruin the bunch; looking forward to our next meet NEA. =)

Okee dokee, now I have the honor to introduce an article that FireStorm whipped up regarding ping, Packet Loss, and what we all can do about it. It's a fun-lovin article which a hefty mix of bitching and quality information. Definitely worth the read, and it even heped my connection out, with me running on a T3 and V2 SLI rig. It's a bit big for me to include here so here's a tasty morsal, and the full entree can be found here.

Hello peeps. My name is FireStorm. I am writing this becuz I'm tired of lagging out on servers. You may think my rig sux...and that's part of it I bet. :-) But you, the Quaker with a Voodoo2 and a LPB connection,..and your 400mhz processor..you too can help with lag.

All you have to do is shutup, sit down, and read this article. It's that easy. This little diddy probably won't CURE lag, but it will certainly help the cause.

Definitely worth the read gents. No challenged pending as of now. I'll keep you posted.

- E|<+e|o/\/



Hi all. Alrighty....news for 4/20 is in effect. First on the list is word on our match with US tonight. Well, I'd love to be able to say we went out and whooped some ass, but in reality, we got the ass whooping. So far during the clan's existence, we have never practiced, never assigned definite positions, just sorta went by what everyone felt like playing that day. So far it worked out alright, but there comes a time in every clan's life that you decide that it's time for a change. Well, tonight was the night. On the level, I'd say we matched US pound for pound in skill, thought they outweighed us heavily in tactics. I'm not gonna say that match was crap; all in all I had fun, and we were probably more organized now than we ever have been, but it wasn't enough. We ended up losing 4-12, though the score isn't a display of the fight we put up =) Damn, I sound like it was a lost cause. Nah....we coulda won, had we practiced. Alas the practice begins on Sunday, and we're gonna get it right. Great Game US, we'll see you at the top once again.

Now that that's all done with, on to the news! Ah, what do we have here? It appears that LMCTF.com is stirring up some new tourney goodies, though this one appears a bit different. It seems as though they are looking for some info on what kinda tourney it should be (grenades only, blasters only, etc). They're looking for some input on the thought so head your ass over there and give it a look!

- E|<+e|o/\/



Hey people. Here's the *cough* actual post for the 19th, with some nifty info on the X-Squad's match, and a few news tidbits that some might not have caught on "Da Net". First is news regarding the X-Squad's match against TWK (Ancient Militia). The X-Squad came out with the big victory tonight, winning both games, played on map 20, with scores of 8-0 and 8-2 respectively. The match was played well by TWK, even though they were horribly lagged by their network. It was easy to see the stops in their motion and phone jacking, and the X-Squad did their best to avoid shooting them while they weren't moving, thought at times it was difficult in the heat of the moment. TWK was extremely helpful and understanding given the conditions and we look forward to our next meeting with them. Thanks for the game guys! Good job X-Squad! This puts us in 3rd for OGL 2 vs 2. I've decided not to post any statistics for the X-Squad because I was originally supposed to put that X-Squad page up, however since I'm not going to until the new page only full-clan stats are going to be posted.

On a quick side note I'd like to give a shout out to Firestorm, our resident Quake 2 junkie. This little mofo played for over 1700 minutes last week, bumping himself up to 4th in the CLQ. Good job FireStorm! For his next trick, FireStorm is going to explore the world outside his computer room ;) Scary place...I wouldn't try it.

News! Actual news for me to post. These little tidbits were given to me also by FireStorm (b4 I looked for news for the post ;) ). First on the list is from Julio's Tutorials, which lists a bunch of demos that explain how to do some nifty Q2 tricks like "turbo running" and advanced jumping techniques. These are all perfectly legal techniques; merely demos describing how to perform the trick. Kinda nifty if ya ask me. Next piece was "blatantly" ripped from The Rainbow Bridge. They've just posted demo walkthroughs of all the LMCTF maps, including the Xmaps. Good stuff for newbies and might even help us older players. Also there's a "must see demo" between UD and NEA there. I just watched it and it is a great game. As they put it at Rainbow Bridge: "It comes down to 1 health, 1 cap, and 1 second" Quite the match.

Tomorrow's match against US is still on schedule and should happen as planned.

- E|<+e|o/\/



Sup all. Actually, this update is on the 19th but it's like friggin 2:30 in the morn so it's till the 18th to me ;) There isn't muhc for me to do in this update except to apologize to LordStalk for not mentioning him in regards to the site. All the cool new graphics you see (minus the e-mail one) are compliments of him. Damned good job Lord. For all of you who are wondering, he is for sale at an alarmingly low cost of around $100 per graphic. But I mean with the quality and workmanship that went into each of em who can resist a deal like that? To be honest I think he had his pet monkey (no pun intended) do the work, while he sat back, drank Mountain Dew and ate Combos. At any rate though, he's got a talented monkey so it deserves some recognition. Tomorrow (today...whatever) X-Squad goes head to head against TWK (AM) for 3rd in OGL 2 vs 2. I'll have some news on that little shindig after da match. Until then...peace.

- E|<+e|o/\/



Wassup people. Due to popular (popular demand = me) demand I've decided to lighten it up a bit. This hoocie just ain't the same without some of that quality Ek lovin'. I'm going to kind of convert this page into a full fledged Quake2 news center which means you'll be able to come here for all the news dealing with Q2 (particularly LMCTF). I'll also try to keep an eye on all those servers out there that we love so much.

In BSD news, I kinda jumped the gun a bit about our match with ToP as Lord now tells me that the match might not happen on Weds, though that's when it's currently scheduled for. The X-Squad's 2 vs 2 match against TWK (Ancient Militia) is tentatively scheduled for Monday night at around 10 EST. Hopefully this bad boy will get off the ground on time and AM can get their net fixed by the match. I hate to play a couple guys that look like they're in a slide show. :)

- E|<+e|o/\/



Hello all. Well here's the new look for now. It's a tad bit of a change from the original though relatively along the same lines in regards to layout. A few things haven't been changed as it's too much work to overhaul them now when a totally new look is coming soon. The X-Squad button does not work at this time sice I haven't dedicated a page to that yet. That too will come along with the brand new page. We also may be moving our URL to our own site so we're not all irritated time after time by that damned Tripod pop-up window. New items on the page include the removal of the howling dog since more ppl were annoyed by it than liked it. There is also a quick browse menu at the top of this news page and the new news archive. The archive is linked at the bottom of this page. More news to follow on the new page at a later date.

- E|<+e|o/\/



Hey all. This is gonna be a quick one to just keep you up to date. First off is the matter of the web site. I've just about completed a preliminary revision of the old design, which I was originally going to hold as the finished product (though more refined). However about 2 days ago Firestorm gave me a rough design on what he though I should make the site over to look like. I was very impressed with the design and I've decided to go forward with Fire's idea. This design is going to take a LOT more time to make a reality though. I'm estimating approximately a month before thing settle into place. From this date on I'll update news and battles onto the revision. The revision I'll put up tomorrow. Be advised that it's incomplete, as I'm going to be working on the new site. Finals are also coming up so that will take a hefty chunk out of my time.

Okay...matches. The ToP match has been moved to next Wednesday at 9:30. The US match was moved to Tuesday at 9:30 as well. As for Lord and I's 2 vs 2, it has also been put off until another date, unknown as of now.

- E|<+e|o/\/



Hello everyone. Day 2 of my work on this guy. I finally got Frontpage to work and it is soo much easier to update now. Had a few problems transferring the server from Pump but it's all good now. Ive got a few things planned but I'm not going to list any of them because it all evens out into a total overhaul, time permitting.

In recent events, BSD was lucky enough to scrim DT last night. With all of the confusion before the match (not being able to find players, findin players then having them cancel, telling DT that we weren't gonna make it then they show up anyways), it's a miracle it got started. Great game DT. BSD came out with the victory winning by a score of 3-0. The score doesn't do the game justice however, as we were able to cap on only the few heroic runs by LordStalk. One of the best games I've played in a long time. Supposedly DT wants to be our sparring partner from now on so I'm sure we can look forward to more scrims with them. :) I'm looking forward to it.

Regarding our matches this week there's still no word on schedule changes. I'll update as necessary if things change.

- E|<+e|o/\/

UPDATE: Although I forgot to mention it in my previous posts (sorry ;) ) we had a match scheduled with ToP tonight which was moved to a date somewhere in the future (probably next week).


Hey all. Sorry about the lack of updates here. Paint and Pump fell off the face of the earth recently and it's been up to LordStalk and I to keep this shindig going. I'm going to betaking over the website from now on so you should be seeing some pretty regular updates.

To get all of you up to date, there have been a couple of changes in our clan lineup. First off we have an award to give out. The award is titled "Shortest and most useless membership" and we are proud to hand it over to Swamp. This dedicated member of BSD was here for a whopping month, not even playing in a match. He was then kind enough to leave without letting any of us know! haha. Well, I guess we can look at him as being undefeated. Best of luck to you Swamp whatever you're doing now. =) So with Swamp gone we had a void which was quickly filled by a great player and damned quick learner Firestorm (formerly ArchDemon of BH). Lord and I have been playing with him for only about a week now and he's already doubled in skill ad play ability, it's rather amazing. He's a chef too....so you may see him ranting about how he made giblets sometimes. This is always a good opportunity to throw him to the floor and kick him in the head. =) Welcome to BSD Fire. Happy hunting.

Okay. Next on the list of crap is recent matches and ladder updates. Of course we all know about the OGL ladder dying on us (and after we worked so hard for all those losses :) ). Oh well. This crap is bound to happen bt on the good side we are in third. Lord was quick to sign us back up and we got the premium spot. We've challenged US for first place and that match is scheduled for Weds or Thurs although that may change depending on the time we all have on those days. We've also joined another ladder: Gathering of Champions. We decided that we didn't have enough matches in our schedule so we signed up for this little gem. It's been a blast and we've bumped ourselves up to 2nd place with a record of 3-3. Not too impressive but it's good enough for second. ;) BSD has also joined a new tournament: The Ascention. This looks to be a great experience for us and has been a blast so far. Currently with a record of 3-2, we are 1st in our division. Great job guys! In related news LordStalk and I have joined the OGL 2 vs 2 ladder to spice up our Q2 lives a bit more. Currently we hold a 1-0 record after the ladder crash (beforehand we were 2-0). We have challenged TWK (members of Ancient Militia) for second place. That match is scheduled for Weds or Thurs as well though this match will probably be played at it's scheduled time. In recent matches, BSD pulled out victories over DICK in the OGL Open ladder and against D*SK in the GoC. Congrats BSD...we're starting to tear it up. LordStalk and I also won our first victory in the 2 vs 2 OGL against A3D. There were a few server problems and we had to settle on a last minute server. Apologies to A3D for all the confusion but it happens.

Now on to website stuff. Since I've taken over most of the duties regarding the site, it's gonna take me a while to get acquainted with all the crap here and there. Real life aside it's probably going to be a week before I actually get into the swing of things and you see the whole site being updated. In the meantime I'm just going to update the necessary stuff (news, dates, etc.) until I've found myself a copy of Frontpage and gotten the hang of it.

- E|<+e|o/\/


Hehe, for those of you wondering, I didn't die...just had to reinstall my web editing program and forgot how to upload the site from my 'puter. Yeah, I'm a dumbass. Well there's still alot to be updated, but for now I'm uploading what's done for the time being. So far I have our matches with CBD,US,iPoK, and IT done, the rest to follow.

In other news, BSD would like to welcome 3 new members to our Dawg house. Superbeast and DJ Moby will give our D some much-needed lpb kick, while Swamp will own u all with his hpb (soon to be lpb) skillz. Welcome aboard kiddies!


Well we challenged Hey Moe for the # 4 spot in the OGL today....we were unorganized, they were very well organized. We can learn alot from this match....if we're gonna advance any farther than we are now (or even keep our current position) in the OGL, we're gonna have to improve our organization, the talent at this level makes team-play crucial. GG MOE!


Hope all you dawg's had a nice holiday..... but sheeeet is getting back in swing.

First of all, BSD kicked off the new year with a big win over Newbies Revenge.... If you remember 7 weeks ago in our first encounter, Newbies pulled off the win in the last seconds winning by a mere 4 points..... That loss left an icky taste in our mouths....Well BSD dealt a little revenge themselves by beating the very tough newbies... Check the stats page for more details.....Hats off to ya BSD on this well played win....We would also like to thank NR for their patience during the setup of the match....They were real cool with our various server problems...... GG BSD and GL to NR.....Looking forward to round 3.

There were a few events that went down during the holidays, some good :) , some bad :( The good news is that BSD made playoffs A, finishing in a respectable 12, in the Ragnarok tourney... (not too shabby for being only a 12 week old clan)In other good news, Congrats goes out to (BSD)Addiction for being nominated as one of the ALL-STAR candidates..... It's great to see one of the Dawg's to be nominated as one of the best around....woooooohooo

There also have been rumors of (BSD)Chitlin sightings as of late....hmmm but those are only rumors :)

In sad news ;...(, Shitzumon will be taking a leave of absence from match play.... Due to school and a poor connection he will be watching from the sidelines...... BSD is thinking of giving the page a face lift soon...Shitz would really like to help with that..... He has also volunteered to be the BSD cheerleader.. He mentioned something about already having the dress and pom pom's.......hmmmm I wonder what that means....

Lastly, congrats goes out to lordy for finding him self a nice girl.... I think the card that came with her says she enjoys sword fights and roller skating??? Thanks IronLocust from 420 for providing the picture... You can click here for a link up to the bbs with this never before seen picture :) Enjoy....


Dawgs are in the Top Ten - wooohooooo!!! After defeating Clan Saint last night in an OGL matchup, BSD is now in 9th place on the LMCTF Open Ladder. Not bad for a team with half the members on analog modems, eh? Conditions were pretty bad for both teams, but the Dawgs managed to pull out a 7-3 victory. I'm proud of you guys. *sniff sniff*

In other news, looks like BSD is going to finish 12th in the Ragnarok tournament, which probably means we'll be facing the 5th place team in the first round of playoffs....In other Rag news, BSD has been named the Clan of the Week for week 10 =) Nice way to finish out a kick-ass tournament!


Lots of news to cover:

BSD welcomes CBD (*********) into their House. These guys have been great friends already, letting us borrow their server for several matches. And they kick ass too! Now it's official...the Dawgs and Dogs are allies...Snausages for everyone!

Pump has recently provided us with new in-depth stats. He converted most of our previous matches' stats to the new format... Check it out it is quite cooooool.....

We have also finished our regular season in Ragnarok, with our win over CFS......BSD dominated from the start and never looked back.....Check out the stats page for more details :)....We finished the season out 7-3....Not too bad for a clan formed a couple weeks before the beginning of Rag... From the looks of things, we will place within the top 16.....I could be wrong but it looks like we will finish better than that with all our bonus points..... From my calculations we will place at least 13th, it is a waiting game now BSD.... Good job and good luck BSD.....

Lastly, the rematch with ATG went without a hitch...... They requested we play a different map......This time they chose Twin Generators..... BSD dominated from the start scoring caps very quickly and relentlessly....... The final was 22-1....Good job BSD on this decisive victory....BSD would also like to thank ATG for being great sports.


Ragnarok week 9 against a tough tough clan 420....We figured a win over them would guarantee us in the divison A playoffs but a loss would leave us very close to the cut off point of 16...... Well we played them on toxin the match started close at 1-1 but their constant pressure and our lack of sense to cover the water hole gave 420 the well-deserved win....Yes, we got smoked by 420 ending our winning streak at 5......We have one match left and now it's up to the other teams to decide our fate.....So it'll be a waiting game......Our match with CFS is in the process of being scheduled....Check the BBS for more details on the date of the match.....


Week 8 of Ragnarok turned out to be a great match. Our opponents were Clan Loki's Minions the creators of this wonderful mod..... The match was very even for the first 9 minutes of the match leaving BSD a bit worried..... The defense kicked in, and the non stop offense took over giving BSD a hard fought win....The final score was 14-4 but really not a good indication of the closeness of the match. It was a fun match and LM were great sports....BSD in the match were Ektelon(MVP-D), Pumpkinman(MVP-O), Paintman, Shitzumon and, Snowdog.....Great game BSD and LM.........BSD is now 6-2 in Ragnarok, holding firm in the 10th spot......

In the OGL, BSD challenged ATG for the 11th spot on the ladder..... The match started ATG having much freindlier pings than BSD but we didn't complain since we had no alternate server.... The match began and BSD scored the first cap. then ATG came right back to answer that cap.....BSD scores again with 15 minutes left in the match having the score 2-1 in caps and BSD ahead in frags....Pump stole the red flag and Blood[ATG] with the blue....The game turned into a flag holding competiton...ATG had a solid D - me Ekk and Lordy taking several runs at the enemy FC but to no avail.....Then 22 minutes into the match *bang* Pump's and Paint's(who use the same ISP) connection shoot to over 1000.... i'm drowning in the water and pump is frozen in base with the flag...(if you would like the demo icq me it is truly a treat u can see the pl in my demo - either that or i'm break dancing :) Me and pump get disconnected leaving the match 5-3...I have been told the match was paused and rescheduled.....ATG were very good sports about the situation and we're hoping for another great match on monday.......Gluck BSD and ATG


*Sniff sniff*, hmmm what's that smell...No it's not the smell of lordy's stanky ass feet :)...It's the sweet smell of victory...BSD chalked up another victory by beating KD in OGL. This win keeps the winning streak alive....It also marks SnowDog's first game and I hear he did quite well....Kick ass BSD...

In other news, Shitzumon has found us a new BBS in the heavily populated nachos board. We will have various updates posted on the board including match times/setups, magic tricks, and info on where shitzumon hides his gerbil. :) There is also a class there where a certain clan member *cough shitz hmmm* needs to learn how to spell the clan name. Other members may also need this refresher course* ahhhhahhhahhdiction* phew gotta get rid of this cold :) We have also set up a link from our board button to teleport you there...There is plenty of room for responses to any of my insults :)

Lastly, is the upcoming matches....Well there isn't any yet :) I been trying to get a hold of these clans but have had no response.....Here's the lineup....In Ragnarok week 8 he have clan LM...week 9 clan 420....In the OGL we challenged ATG they have accepted for wednesday or thursday. That's all folks!!!! Oh yes there is a couple more things... There are rumors that ektepenis as some call him shaves his legs???? Pump and Candi have been seen sharing a sundae ewww....Snowdog really likes chasing firetrucks :) heeee yes I think i have made fun of everyone evenly.....Just don't want to leave anyone out....You know the clan thing :)


BSD welcomes our newest member Snowdog... A kickass cool player who will definitely be an asset to the team.

BSD is also on a nice winning streak winning our last 4 matches...Wooohooo

Well we should be undefeated still but those teams that beat us happened to play us on argimitanian days... Cause on those days your supposed to do everything half assed....So they were lucky they played us on those days...ermmm time for my medicine :)... later all upcoming matches NEA in GOC, LM in Rag and KD in OGL....Wow busy busy


BSD took care of business early this week for Raganrok. The Dawgs had turkey in mind and wanted to put down the rail gun for dinner. So the dawgs did some cooking themselves by frying the Mater killers. We whooped em like mashed potatoes, and Addiction was so damn hungry he went back for 17 helpings of this course, you howg. Ek, Pump, Lordy, and Shitz helped carve this damn fine meal by making sure that Addi chewed his food well and making sure nobody ran away with our turkey, damnit ;)........ Ok, enough turkey talk, let's gobble gobble our way to a nice winning streak. Next course SFA in the OGL, then we can loosen our belts and let out some gas until next week.


Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been really busy and Paint's been....well he's been lazy :-) This week has been a roller coaster ride for BSD. On Monday, we lost big time to Pathetic, Totally Harmless in a Ragnarok match. We were crazy enough to play them on "PTH Refinery" and got schooled. Good game PTH, we'll get ya next time :-). After that disheartening loss, we were ready to lose again to Doom Troopers. The match started out in typical BSD style, where we went up 4 caps to 1 early. DT came back to tie us and was well ahead of us in frags. Some last-minute heroics by the Offensive team came to save the day with less than a minute left. LordStalk got the cap with help from Ektelon and PaintMan on escort, while Addi and Shitzumon kept the base safe and cozy for them. Good game DT, great job guys! Woohoo!


BSD welcomes Shitzumon to the clan !!!!! He will be an asset to the "Steel Curtain D" as well as a new freind... Watch out ladies, another Dawg's in the pound.

In other news BSD pounds Clan Zero Army in a Ragnarok match 934-7. The servers were quite lagged for both teams and yes 'servers' is correct. We were asked to go to a different server 10 minutes into the match, and we obliged. Our friends over seas were seeing a bit of lag as were we. This win puts BSD in the top 10 in the Ragnarok tournament. We have two really tough battles ahead tho, PTH and DT...Gluck BSD


Paintman caught beating off... Paintman fucked up and didn't change the time of the server, thus fucking it all up. BSD, a man short and a half hour late fought valiantly din a 3on4 against clan CBD holding them to only 5 caps on frozen waste, a very big board to cover with only three people.....Yes paintman fucks up and BSD loses...Shite


BSD loses another close one to VT today. We were able to draw first blood and take a 3-1 lead with 10 minutes left in the match. VT took their advantage of strong railing in the middle and late-game tech control to get 2 more caps to tie the game and then hold on for a win by frags. Maybe one of these days BSD can hold a lead against the good clans :-). Great game VT, looking forward to a rematch!

Match against Zero Army is still being scheduled, more info once things are finalized.


BSD welcomes a new member - CandiAss! He's as good as his butt-cheeks are sweet (or so the chicks say), and he'll be a huge addition to our offensive team. Upcoming matches - we have an OGL match against VT , tenatively set for Tuesday at 10pmEST. Our next Rag match is against Zero Army, no date set yet.


The Big Sexy Dawgs beat down the Dawgs of War in the all Dawg match. We were a little timid entering the match seeing that (DOW) was 2-0 in Ragnarok and 4-0 in th OGL. After we got ourfirst cap we never looked back. The final was 6-1, check out the battles page for stats and a screen shot. The Big Sexy Dawgs are King of Dawgs for now, GG DoW.


Couple of changes to the webpage - an applet has been added so that IE users can now turn off the .wav file whie rowsong the site. Hit "s" to stop the soundclip. Also, a calendar has been added to the website - BSD members please check it regularly to find out when the upcoming matches are scheduled. Also check the calendar to check out how the Pens and Steelers are doing this season :-). Upcoming matches - it's an all-Dawg Rag match vs Dawgs of War, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday (tomorrow).



BSD is expanding into new territories....Addiction is joining the 1vs1 DM ladder, kick some DM ass Addi! Also Lordstalk and Addiction have joined the 2on2 Open LM ladder - go get 'em Dawgs....

We have a new addition to the web site...check out the 'bitches' link to go to what we fondly call "The Bitching Corner". Lordstalk and Ek exchange their unique views on Life, Love, Guns, and bodily functions....

Late News - the Dawgs lost a heartbreaker to Newbie's Revenge in the Ragnarok tonight. BSD came out strong and took a 3-1 lead. But NR kept it together and came back to tie it 3-3 with a few minutes left. BSD tried to come back in points but fell short, losing by a score of 286-290. Great game Newbies!


The Web page is finished! Take a look around, check out the links, and drop us a line...

BSD came out with a huge victory today against Bring Out Yer Dead. The Steelers would have been proud with the D team's performance. After one of BOYD's members disconnected (overflowed?quit?) their D fell apart, leading to a final score of 18-0. Visit the Battles page for a screenshot and stats. We have challenged The Alliance for the #30 spot on the ladder.


The Big Sexy Dawgs welcomes Chitlins to the Clan. He will be a great addition to the 'Steel Curtain' D team. Chitlins is an inactive member for the time being, so we are still looking for one or two more good players to strengthen the Clan. If you are interested, contact us on the message board or e-mail/ICQ (BSD)Addiction...

The message board is now up! It's open to everyone so click on the button to the left and drop us a line....

Match schedule for this week - we have a tough Ragnarok match coming up against Newbies Revenge. The match is slated for Wed. at 8pm EST on Toxin Refinery. We also have a challenge from Bring out yer Dead. We accepted for either Tuesday or Thursday at 9pmEST.



Looks like BSD started off Ragnarok with a bang! We pplyed Rendition Redliners on Mean Streets tonight and came out with a 13-0 win. A big key to the victory was the 'Steel Curtain' defense played by Paintman and Addiction. Good game Redliners and great job BSD!

Current projects for the web site: we are in the process of setting up the 'Battles" section - go check out the screenshots and stats of our matches when it's done! Also we are considering putting up a buletin board for the web site....updates to follow.



Well, BSD loses it's first match tonight. We palyed Reactive on their server. Turns out they were all connected to the server on a LAN. None of us had the sense to think there was something not right about their pings. None of them pinged above 20, while none of s pinged below 130 and two of us were connected well above 200. Oh well, it was a learning experience...we'll just have to vent our frustrations in the next match. :-)



Our page has a new look (and sound)! It's still under constant contstruction though, so bear with us until we get the finished product. A special thanks goes out to 'Wolfy' for sending us the Big Sexy 'Howl'. The BSD boys owe ya one babe!

We hopefully have our match against RR today, map is gonna be BloodBath. We'll post the results later tonight. Tommorow Ragnarok begins for us against Rendition Redliners, map is Mean Streets.



Ragnarok starts this week...our first match is against Rendition Redliners, and we are looking forward to a fun and challenging match. Next week is Newbies Revenge, a well-known and respected clan in the LMCTF community. Also lined up for later this week is an OGL ladder match against (RR).

-------- BSD is looking for one more good, mature, team-oriented player to fill our ranks. Our current plan is to stay small so we can work on teamwork and so that everyone will have more than enough chances to play. We don't accept applications, but we are always on public servers. If you are interested, look for us on servers and show us your mad skillz. We'd rather see you kick our ass than kiss it, so keep that in mind!



Hey all you quakers... We challenged (RR) and are waiting for them to accept. We have been idle for a week and are really looking for a match..



We recently challenged (CBD) to a ladder match and it was a close and galantly fought match between both teams. We ended up the victors, but made a friend with a cool clan in the process --not like that old clan that's newly named (UL). Well guys keep playing and good luck to you in the future. I would like to congradulate BSD in gaining 20 slots on the ladder in under a week! That is impressive and I'm sure further success will be there for us too. We also challenged (DTS) but they declined the match. I can only hope for good things for them but I think they were deleted. We are now unchallenged and no available slots are open for us to challenge, so we will practice and rest up for our next match.