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5/6 Screenshots finally up
5/5 Back again!, Page stuff


Hey all. Alright...I finally got those screenshots up, if anyone cares to look at them. Not on my wall of accomplishments, I'll tell you that much :) I also wanted to tie up a couple of loose ends in this post. First is the mention of our new member: Monolith. He's a great railer and a damned good guy. I've swiped hits with him on occasion, and he's crazy with the grappling hook. Quite the display. Welcome to the clan Monolith! With a clan our size now, it's only natural to lose one of the big guys now and then; at this time it's Addiction. I don't know much of why he left...all I know is that he's not going to be around anymore in Q2. Nice having ya Addiction, we'll look forward to crossing paths in the future. Well, that brings our total roster up to 10. Not huge, but we don't want it huge either. We've got another guy on his way in, which I'll mention in the next post. After that addition we will consider ourselves to be full (unless circumstances change).

Alrighty...more page stuff! I swear...I don't know what the hell I'm gonna talk about when I'm done with this thing. ;) Okay.....I finally fixed that broken link going to the board. It's just linked ot Nachos but I'm sure everyone is smart enough to find it from there. I've got Lord working on some nice headers for all the pages since I'm adopting this design for the time being. The "about us" section will be the next to go up, I figure sometime in the middle of next week.

- E|<+e|o/\/



Ahhh......this is much nicer. Sitting in the comfort of my own home with my brand new computer pumping out some tasty tidbits for all you BSD fans out there (or those of you who are bored :) ). Alrighty....I guess from my perspective the whole web overhaul I was talking about kinda fell through for the time being, since I've got work now and Firestorm ( who, incedently changed his name to Bishop) started his job. In that case I'm going to finish work on this guy, which means putting up the "About us" and "X-Squad" pages. Expect something preliminary first, followed by nicer pages. I also quickly changed the CLQ link on the main page (for those of you who didn't notice). I thought the other one looked too tacky so I changed it up to this one. A little more sophisticated (even though it doesn't fit us very well ;) ). All of the April news was also bumped to the Archives, since I'm only keeping the current month here on the news page. I swear I'll get those ToP shots up tomorrow. =)

Okee dokee...on to clan stuff. Though the Gathering of Champions site kinda died recently, we were unchallenged in that ladder so I change my sights to OGL, where we've been challenged by SAC2. There _really_ isn't a time set up for that match yet, and I have no idea if it'll be any time soon. I'll keep you updated though. The X-Squad's match against Clan Brutality Leaders is also still on hold, though I anticipate that match will happen early next week.

One final sidenote, I bought myself one of the new TNT2s for this computer and I just wanted to comment on my thoughts on this little bad boy. Wow. It's fast...to say that least. Q2 runs at 1152x864 at an extremely playable fps of 50 (16-bit color). I also got Unreal to clock at around 37 fps at 1024 with 32-bit color. Now I have no idea how the V3 runs this crap, but I just wanted to toss out my experience with the TNT2. (overclocks very nice too ;) )

- E|<+e|o/\/


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